WHO recommendation on booster shots, added doses delayed by 1-2 weeks — DOH

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THE recommendation by the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding booster shots and additional doses will be delayed by one to two weeks, according to the Department of Health (DOH).

DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III said the recommendation by the WHO-Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (WHO-SAGE) was scheduled for release by November 18.

The DOH earlier said that the administration of booster shots and additional doses should have an approved amended emergency use authorization, including the recommendation from the WHO-SAGE.

Along with the announcement of the DOH chief, he likewise explained the phases involved with regard to booster shots.

He mentioned that the Food and Drug Administration who said that with the booster shots, there will be a longer degree of protection against COVID-19.

Duque said that by the first quarter of 2022, they will have additional information on the effectivity of booster shots.

Last night, Monday, when the DOH made the announcement that fully-vaccinated healthcare workers will now be allowed to take booster shots starting tomorrow, November 17.

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