Despite the challenges brought about by the community lockdowns and quarantines that practically limited everyone’s mobility, a lot of people and businesses were severely affected. Some establishments even resorted to outright closure to avoid further financial losses, not to mention emotional breakdowns. Even if they were the ones severely affected […]

Marites Yanzon is a sari-sari store owner who opened her business six years ago using the money she borrowed from a relative to augment her family’s income and finance their day-to-day needs. Marites, though, continued to struggle after her savings diminished due to health emergencies in the family. Last year, […]

Despite the ongoing health pandemic, a new milestone was reached by PHINMA Properties that is known for its reputation in building inspiring homes for more than three decades. The real estate company launched their new mid-rise project, METROTOWNE last March 12, 2021. This community designed for the driven by the […]

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