For whatever reason, when people hear the word “insurance,” they are immediately taken aback. It’s as if getting an insurance policy is an expense they don’t need. They’d rather have their money spent on other, more tangible, things like food or pay for their kids’ school tuition, among others. Based […]

Credit should be given to the proponents of the Community Pantry for sparking a noble movement, a revolution of sorts where Filipinos displayed random generosity and kindness to Filipinos who have less in life, where to live is a constant struggle, especially in this pandemic. Many lost their jobs, their […]

There was a lot of hype about the air fryer that it generated kilometric threads of discussions–and debate–among cooking groups in social media as to which is better, the air fryer or the turbo broiler. It is because the air fryer is touted as a “smart” appliance. Just pop in […]

The Community Pantry started with a simple dream: to help those who have less in life tide things over, those greatly affected by the pandemic, those growing hungry and are struggling to make ends meet, that they may not have to worry about what to eat for their next meal. […]

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