Transmission may be rare but humans can still be afflicted with avian flu — DOH

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THE Department of Health (DOH) confirmed today that although transmission may be rare, it is still possible that humans may contract avian flu coming from an infected bird.

This was mentioned by the DOH in an advisory it release following the recording of some cases of avian flu in the country.

The DOH advised the public to follow all health and safety protocols being implemented in the country against Covid-19.

This is because the avian flu comes from a virus that may remain airborne through droplets and dust and can be transmitted through simple flapping of a bird’s wings, or when scratching or touching the head of an infected bird.

The virus may then enter a human body through the eyes, nose and mouth.

The DOH advised the public to immediately isolate those who were exposed to an infected bird or human and to immediately consult an expert or doctor

Among the symptoms identified by the DOH of possible infection include having sore eyes, fever, cough and sore throat or muscle aches.

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