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There’s a new gin in town, and there’s no depiction of an angel who triumphed over a demon.

Tanduay, the world’s number one rum producer and is currently on a global market expansion, got into the local gin game when it introduced its latest product innovation “Ginto,” a gin aged in oak barrels.

It also signals Tanduay’s aggressive foray into the lucrative local gin market that features an aggressive and dynamic younger set of gin drinkers, those who know what they want in life and are willing to go for it.

Though they are currently barreling their way into the global rum market, second generation business tycoons, brothers Lucio Tan III, Tanduay president and COO, and Kyle Tan, executive vice president, now at the helm of Tanduay’s new management leaders, are definitely in on the game as they try to chew on a piece of the local gin market.

Tanduay Executive VP Kyle Tan (left) and Lucio Tan III, Tanduay President and COO

“Gin continues to be a popular choice among Filipinos. What we are offering the market is a fresh twist on a classic drink, a cross-category oak barrel-aged gin, blended in the same gold standard of craftsmanship. But most importantly, we’re making it available to consumers at value price point,” said Tan III when asked by

There is no surprise why they wanted to get into the local gin game with an innovative gin product, Tan III said. The Philippines, based on data provided by the alcoholic beverage market intelligence group, the International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR), is undoubtedly the largest gin market in the world, which gulps down gin like there’s no tomorrow, consuming a whopping 22 million cases per year.

We are expanding our spirits portfolio with a mix of traditional favorites and more new product concoctions like Ginto. We are also making our products accessible to consumers by strengthening marketing efforts in existing distribution channels and expanding our reach to new territories,” revealed Tan.

Ginto, which has a shade of golden amber with hints of citrus, juniper, and berry with wood notes in its flavor that will excite any gin palate, is now already available in Luzon, where there is a high concentration of the gin market. The Greater Manila Area alone accounts for 94.9 percent of its market value in 2017. Distribution is expected to increase as Tanduay opens more channels outside of Luzon, which is a stronghold of the company’s rum distributorship network.

Rum still dominates the spirits category in Visayas and Mindanao. Year-on-year, Tanduay has been lording over other brands, capturing over 90 percent of the country’s rum market.

At the very least, Tanduay’s barrel ageing facilities house 200,000 oak barrels with a capacity of approximately 40 million gauge liters, a key competitive advantage that will take 25 years for other companies to replicate.

By undergoing barrel-aging of gin, it gives it a classic aged spirit flavor like caramel, oak, vanilla, and smoke. If the barrels were previously used for other spirits, the gin also takes the flavor of that spirit.

Our Research and Development team has been our innovation engine. In the process of developing this product, they’ve led us to a realization that gin can produce a variety of flavors when aged in oak barrels. This is what makes us excited about the potential of this new product,” Tan emphatically shared.

For Ginto, its barrel-aging process translates to its distinct taste — hints of citrus, juniper, and berry with wood notes. This also contributes to its golden amber color, which is reminiscent of the Philippines’ golden sunsets. Like Tanduay, Ginto is made from quality ingredients sourced locally and underwent strict control checks to ensure that wherever their customers are around the world, they would enjoy the same proudly Philippine-made product.

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