Subic drydock corporation continue to service the fleet both foreign and domestic

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Subic Bay Freeport Zone – SUBIC Drydock Corporation completed Philippine Navy;s Floating dock its eleven-month project executed in SDCs facility, a full-service shipyard located in Subic Bay Freeport.

The work was accomplished by SDC highly skilled in-house work force and partnered local subcontracts. The YD-204 (AFDL-20) project was completed and towed from SDC facility on July 23, 2022 and arrived safely at the Naval Shipyard, Port of San Felipe, Cavite City on July 24, 2022. The project specifics consisted of more than 240MT of steel renewal, blasting and painting, mechanical, electrical work and equipment upgrades leading to PN received a new floating dock.

SDC is pleased to work with the Philippine Navy (PN) in support their repair, maintenance and modernization program. SDC as the preferred maintenance provider for PN afloat repairs and modernization work routinely services PS-15, PS-16 and PS-17 and other PN assets. SDC is currently working on PS-15 BRP Gregorio Del Pilar which is undergoing a modernization project that will complete August 8, 2022. The work consists of a Sea Giraffe Radar System Upgrade and includes some continuous maintenance repairs with a 120-day period of performance. This is the second install of this type with PS-16 BRP Ramon Alcaraz completed by SDC in December 2021.

SDC management would like to extend its appreciation for all the support and team effort that went into the success of Philippine Navy’s Floating Dock YD 204 (AFDL 20).

SDC has been the Philippine Navy’s primary maintenance provider for more than ten years now and we are honored to continue to support their current and future maintenance requirements

in support of enhancing the overall readiness of the Republic of the Philippines’ Department of National Defense – Philippine Navy Fleet.

In conjunction with supporting PN, SDC holds the only Military Sealift Command/US Navy Master Ship Repair Agreement (MSRA) in the Philippines and is also the primary maintenance provider for both MSC/USN vessels. SDC has recently completed 60-day midterm availability (MTA) for the USNS Millinocket and USNS Puerto Rico with efforts consisting of complex integrated repairs such as aluminum welding repairs, machinery and equipment maintenance, Marine Evacuation System Certification, fire and safety annual certification, etc. Additionally, SDC completed a Voyage Repair Availability (VRA) on the USNS Bowditch and is now working back-to-back VRAs on the USNS Henson and the USNS Mary Sears.

Throughout pandemic, SDC has remained steadfast and resilient its quest to persevere! SDC has been a ship repair provider and Freeport locator since 2005. SDC occupies a 7,785 sqm footprint which includes a pier, warehouses, production shops and a lay-down facility. SDC is looking to expand proven capabilities in supporting both PN and MSC/USN by expanding both our facilities and work force. We continue to support all entities of the Subic Bay Freeport community, Olongapo City, the Province of Zambales, Bataan and other nearby localities in business sustainment and job generation.

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