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FROM a remote area in Barangay Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan, a former so-called terror, a former hoodlum who turned pastor/ preacher, is now doing charity work that benefits people of his village, including nearby barangays through what he called “Support Blessings” which he said is unique compared to the community pantry.

The composition of his food assistance are rice, vegetables, canned goods, coffee, clothes plus cash, which were given to at least 400 to 500 beneficiaries lined-up at his home every day.

He is Pastor Ronnie Santos of “Hesus, Grasiosong Diyos na Nagpapalaya at Nagpapagaling” from Barangay Sibul and was a former criminal whose life had no direction until he was involved in a crime, murder cases and imprisoned but God has changed his perspective since he offered his life to the Lord.

His “support blessings” started on April 22 and now on its 29th day (May 20) which, according to Pastor Ronnie, will last up to 40-50 days.

Such “support blessings” is different because his method is more orderly and there’s a systematic and more effective distribution of the blessings.

Each beneficiary will receive two bags of the food packs and two more pieces of clothes and an additional P40 for senior citizens and Persons With Disabilities (PWD).

Pastor Ronnie is being assisted by his wife, children, siblings, and relatives to help in distributing wherein strict implementation of minimum public health standards are observed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

According to Santos, the distribution of “Support Blessings” begins every day at around 4:00 PM to avoid the afternoon heat and to avoid accidents such as what was happened to the senior citizen who lined up in actress Angel Locsin’s community pantry and eventually collapsed and died due to extreme heat.

According to him, he only started with the amount of P5,000 of various food packs that he posted on social media and since then many have sponsors have sent products, including Bulacan Governor Daniel Fernando who promised to support project up to the end.

“Una, nagpapasalamat tayo sa Panginoon at ginamit niya ako sa gawaing ito which is a divine intervention.  Kapag ang Diyos ang nag-utos.. siya ang kikilos, siya ang magtutustos,” Santos said.

Santos used to be a close-in security of several politicians in the late-90s up to 2001, was involved in various encounters and killings, became a terror personality and feared in his area until his incarceration in 2003.

He said that when he was imprisoned it was there that he met the Lord, turned away from his evil deeds and began to change his life.

He was a preacher at the Bulacan Provincial Jail from 2011-2016 and continues to share the word of God as a religious political adviser.

(Photo credit: Frederick Silverio)

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