Concentrix calls on government to recognize benefits of hybrid work arrangements

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The Philippines’ single largest private employer with more than 100,000 staff, Concentrix continues to place the highest importance on its people. The company has taken into consideration what matters most to its staff, including providing them the opportunity to undertake hybrid work arrangements that enable them to have a better work-life balance and avoid the burden of the rising costs of fuel and the inconvenience of commuting.

By providing productive employment that also accomplishes complementary goals that help families, communities, the environment, and the government, Concentrix effectively contributes to nation-building.

The global leader in digital customer experience has continuously partnered with the IT-BPO industry association and its members, as well as the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) in attempting to convince relevant government stakeholders to not only allow hybrid work arrangements but also to continue to incentivize them, owing to the multiple ways that these work arrangements benefit staff and promote countryside development.

The IT-BPO industry and Concentrix have always advocated that the government must strongly consider extending help through the continuous grant of fiscal incentives, which other countries have done based on the understanding that, as exporters of service, the outsourcing industry must remain competitive. It is therefore clear that tax incentives are necessary for the industry to be able to grow and realize its potential to add tens of thousands of jobs in the country.   

As a customer experience solutions and technology leader, Concentrix currently has a significant work-from-home population. It has currently chosen to maintain this level of work-from-home in clear support of prioritizing its staff and their needs. However, the company continues to implore the government to assist — and not impair — all efforts towards further increasing employment opportunities, which the industry can only achieve if the government recognizes the all-around benefits of hybrid work arrangements and acts accordingly.

“Alternative work arrangements provide unique benefits for our industry and people as we operate continuously, are disaster-resilient, global-customer facing and technology-driven by nature. It is also timely considering the current global issue of rising fuel costs that would be financially detrimental to a return-to-office approach, not just for businesses but for staff themselves to bear. Our clients and their customers around the world have embraced alternative work and alternative modes of customer contact which provide a superior experience for them. If potentially higher fiscal taxes in the Philippines are imposed for work-from-home and hybrid-work employers like Concentrix, this action will erode our country’s attractiveness to foreign investors who are looking for partners who have scale and flexibility in operations and staffing. We truly believe that flexible work models are key to ensuring the Philippines’ global competitiveness, represent a progressive way to the future, and should be strengthened and encouraged,” according to Amit Jagga, SVP and Country Leader of Concentrix Philippines.

Concentrix is not only the country’s largest private employer with a nationwide presence. It is also the recipient of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Awards as Best Company, Best Employer, Best Foreign-Owned Company, and Best BPO Contact Center for two years in a row in 2020 and 2021.

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