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FOR the longest time, Allianz has been very active and proud partner with many athletes and an avid supporter of different sporting events all over the world.

And the Philippines isn’t going to be an exception.

Just recently, Allianz PNB Life has partnered with United City Football Club (UCFC), the professional football club based in New Clark City, Tarlac for the upcoming AFC Champions League and the 2021 Philippine Football League (PFL), the top football league in the country.

From football to drone racing, Allianz has long been an active force behind all sorts of athletes across the world. Through this latest partnership with the UCFC, Allianz PNB Life aims to extend that tradition to the Philippines and the Asian region,” CEO Alexander Grenz tells

Globally, Allianz is also best known for having seven state-of-the-art stadiums to its name. Among these are Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy, which has seated over six million Juventus Football Club fans since 2011, and the Allianz Riviera, a multi-use stadium in Nice, France and one of its greenest structures to date.

Last January, Allianz officially signed on to be the eight-year Worldwide Insurance Partner for Olympic and Paralympic Movements. It will begin its stint at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, where it will support over 11,000 athletes and their families and continue to champion sustainable development.

As the exclusive jersey partner of the UCFC, Allianz PNB Life will be featured on the home and away versions of the limited edition AFC Champions League kits, as well as in the fan-designed PFL uniforms and all replica merchandise shirts.

Eric Gottschalk, President and co-founder of the United City Football Club, holds up the Allianz-sponsored jersey beside the AFC Champions League banner.

It is a great win to have a leading global brand with a strong reputation engage in long-term sports partnership and that football could receive the same kind of support here in the Philippines–even amidst a pandemic,” said Eric Gottschalk, President and Co-founder of United City Football Club.

He hopes that with the steady rise of the sport in the country, Allianz’ sponsorship could get other brands to support local and regional football, too.

Allianz proudly celebrates human achievement through sport and innovation. Inspiring millions with the stories and feats of our athletes sets the pace for a world that is more active, united, and inclusive,“ said Grenz.

(MAIN PHOTO: Allianz PNB Life CEO Alex Grenz and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Gino Riola proudly show off the jerseys for the Allianz-sponsored UCFC team.)

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