Wearing of face masks in the City of Manila still “mandatory”

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THE local government of the city of Manila announced that wearing of face masks in the city is still mandatory, especially in bazaars (“tiangge”), during feasts or in other super-spreader events in the city.

In her online special report today, Manila City Mayor Honey Lacuna said that according to Executive Order No. 3 issued by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the city also issued Ordinance No. 8901, which amended Ordinance No. 8627, declaring the mandatory wearing of face masks in all public areas in the City of Manila.

The new ordinance stated that the wearing of face masks in open spaces and non-crowded areas with proper ventilation will be voluntary, while senior citizens, immunocompromised and those not yet fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are advised to still wear face masks at all times.

The wearing of face masks in private or public indoor places and public transportation will continue to be implemented.

Still, according to the ordinance, the wearing of face masks will remain mandatory in “heavily crowded spaces and events” and in areas where the implementation of physical distancing will be difficult.

Examples of crowded spaces, according to Lacuna, are bazaars, celebration of feasts such as the Feast of the Black Nazarene, and other super-spreader events that may be related to the Christmas season and other similar events.

Also included is the Divisoria area, where many people also flock to buy gifts during the holiday season.

Lacuna thus appealed to people who will go to these areas to keep wearing face masks for the own protection, especially those who are still unvaccinated or have not yet completed vaccination and those who have not received booster shots.

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