Manila Zoo to reopen in December, city government confirms

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MANILA Zoo will be reopened to the public this December according to the city government of Manila.

The rehabilitated Manila Zoo was temporarily closed in June 2022 and its reopening fulfills the desire of Manila’s residents to be able to go and frolic in the area during the Christmas season together with their loved one.

Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna gave the assurance that Manila Zoo will indeed reopen, and advised the public to just wait for the formal announcement as to the exact date the zoo will reopen.

Repair and rehabilitation activities, including beautification efforts, are already ongoing at the zoo. 

Manila Zoo zookeepers admitted, however, that visitors arrive at the zoo almost daily with the hopes of gaining entry.

Visitors, mostly coming from nearby provinces and even foreign tourists, flock to the zoo, not knowing that the zoo is still closed that’s why they end up disappointed.

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