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KABUL, Afghanistan— United Nations (UN)Chief Antonio Guterres urged the international community recently in providing humanitarian aid and a desperately needed lifeline to Afghans. 

Guterres was in Geneva in a conference which aims to raise millions of dollars for the country which was taken over by the Taliban last month. 

According to UN Humanitarian Chief Martin Griffiths, a total of $1.2 billion has been sworn by donor countries, but the UN’s flash appeal for $600 million to fund an emergency assistance this year did not say how much had been allocated. 

The appeal was heaved amid the fear of malnutrition and starvation which has been affecting many, coupled with mass displacement and the winter fast approaching. 

Guterres believed that the aid could be used as a supplement to improve human rights amid the dreaded return of the brutal rule of the first Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001. 

Guterres encouraged the international community to provide aid for the Afghan economy and to halt the possible collapsing and devastating consequences in Afghanistan. 

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