Seven-year-old kid dead at the hands of own father

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A SEVEN-year-old child was dead after his head was bashed on the street pavement by his own father in Villa San Isidro Phase 2 in Rodriguez, Rizal.

The suspect, who was arrested after the incident, died at the custodial facility after he also bashed his head after the inquest proceedings.

He was taken to a nearby hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

The suspect, who was completely naked at the time of the incident, was seen bashing his son’s head on the pavement. He only stopped after neighbors rushed at him and tried to forcibly take away the child from him.

The neighbors managed to take away the child from the suspect but because of the force of the bashing, the child lost consciousness and eventually died.

According to CALABRZON Police, the suspect’s records showed previous involvement on illegal drugs.

Initial investigation revealed that the suspect’s wife first padlocked his husband inside a room because of his suspicious movements. The wife said there were occasions that the suspect would suddenly go into fits of rage.

Unfortunately, the suspect managed to escape, and then went after the child that resulted in the incident.

The victim’s mother was totally devastated and did not expect the incident to happen.

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