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THE OCTA Research Group said on Wednesday that the COVID-19 reproduction rate in Quezon City continues to experience a downward trend

In a report, the group said the city’s reproduction rate went down to 0.64 from 0.84 in the previous week. Since the number is already below 1, this means virus transmission is slowing down.

The group added that the transmission rate of the more dangerous and highly transmissible Delta variant continues to go down in the city and in the National Capital Region (NCR).

The NCR and Quezon City are both placed at moderate risk for COVID-19.

They also reported that the seven-day average in new cases in the city also saw a decline from 793 to 506, or about 36 percent.

Projections based on current trends indicate that daily new cases in Quezon City could decrease to 200 by the end of October,” the report stated.

Positivity rate in the city also went down from 17 percent to 12 percent, and likewise recorded an average daily attack rate (ADAR) of 15.89 per 100,000.

Healthcare utilization in Quezon City continued to decrease to its current level of 67 percent although ICUs remained above 70 percent,” the group revealed.


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