Manila warns the public against possible heat stroke

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THE local government of Manila advised the public to take extra precaution against possible heat stroke after the city’s heat index shot up to 43 degrees Celsius.

The high heat index was recorded around 1:30 in the afternoon based on monitoring conducted by the Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO).

According to the Human Discomfort Index, the high heat recorded is within the index’s danger zone that may cause “heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke” on an individual exposed under severe heat and performing strenuous activities.

Sa ganitong kondisyon pinapaalalahanan po ang lahat na ugaliing uminom ng maraming tubig at iwasang mabilad sa araw upang maiwasan ang heat cramps at heat exhaustion,” the MDRRMO reminded the public.

If exposure to the sun cannot be avoided, the MDRRMO reminded people to take a rest and move to a shaded area every 30 minutes to bring down body temperature.

Meanwhile, Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna encouraged the public who may want to go to cooler places to visit the city’s newest pride and joy, the new Arroceros Forest Park that provides shade through its numerous shaded areas and the presence of exciting wildlife in the area.

Lacuna thanked the city’s Parks Development Office for its continued management of the city’s parks and center islands despite the sweltering heat.

The mayor also called on the Manila Department of Social Welfare to assist the PDO in monitoring activities around the center islands to prevent street dwellers from using them as shelters and to preserve the beauty of the various plants that are constantly being cared for despite many of them wilting already under the unbearable heat.

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