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The local government of Mandaluyong strongly condemns the online selling of COVID-19 vaccines.

Mandaluyong City Mayor Menchie Abalos has ordered a thorough investigation of the matter and instructed the city’s police chief to coordinate with the National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) cyber crime division.

An investigation is already underway. Through the NBI, we will know if these are real or dummy online accounts,” Abalos said. “But whether real or fake, they will be answerable to the law.”

If these are indeed legitimate accounts through which vaccines are being sold, the mayor vowed to file appropriate criminal charges once the culprits are identified. If these are bogus accounts, cases of misinformation or spreading wrong information shall be pursued against these persons once traced.

According to Abalos, the city government is not selling COVID-19 vaccines nor vaccination slots to anyone.

She also urged the public not to patronize and to report illegal selling of the vaccines by calling the Mayor’s office at 8534-1662.

We strongly condemn this illegal selling of our COVID-19 vaccines. All of the vaccines, regardless of the brand, is given free to all Mandaleños, and even those living outside Mandaluyong but are working in the city are also entitled to free vaccines, ” Abalos said.

Further, Abalos encouraged city residents and workers to register via the Mandavax website for vaccination schedule.

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