Living the Art of Wellness

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At a glance, Carmie De Leon is a picture of Health – a fusion of art, wellness and care for community.  You’ll see the energetic Carmie  in the gym, rocking and dancing if not painting or socializing while doing business with colleagues.

Newly re- tired  and Active

Carmie kept herself busy exploring where she can be happier and best share her talents. She finally had time to do what her heart dictates – like hosting a show for TNC called Inspiring Moments and  polishing her 2nd book “my beautiful connection” that talks about divine orchestration and ways to meaningful relationships. 

Aside from being a freelance Sales and Marketing advisor, this tireless POUND pro (cardio exercise  instructor) and corporate wellness coach, works as hard as when she was in her C-level post, but with  time to paint to express her emotions and show her gratitude for life no matter how hard. 

“I’m simply limitless and unstoppable, I know I’m surrounded by angels and led for something greater.” carmie says. 

Art as a form of therapy 

Carmie rekindled her love for colors at the height of the pandemic, when she had to face new assignments, more stressors and increasing market demands. Painting helped her manage her temper and tranquility. 

After her mom died, she created more dramatic paintings that spark hope, courage and commitment to stay on top. 

Carmie painted flowers and angels  in paper, canvass, walls and woods to keep her out of depression. 

“There’s always something good to do.”

Right after her last day on the job, in  July 2021, Carmie signed up  with a Filipino- Canadian entrepreneur  to hand paint branded leather bags by Mitzify Canada. Along with the other international artist collaborators of Mitzify, Carmie’s angel collection was launched and now, one of the most favorite painted bags.

Rommel as her inspiration 

Angels come after Angels 

More  collaborators approached the dynamic dynamo when friends  learned about her retirement. 

“I get calls everyday for consultation, guesting and potential partnerships, and I keep my door open because that’s  where my joy and excitement  begin. 

I’m fond of exploring possibilities, aligning  and collaborating. I find beauty in synergy.”  

My friend Rommel has inspired me to pursue arts and think bigger than drawing. He invited me to join his arts exhibit many times, but I wasn’t ready because of my full time job. 

 Joining Reztyle 

“I came across  Reztyle that supports circular economy model, and we played with the idea of launching my  masterpieces using used linens. I was enamored by the concept of reusing and restyling, and  the idea of introducing wealth from wastes  thrilled me so I easily said yes. Then I finally said yes to Rommel’s Independence Day exhibit. “ says Carmie. 

Consistent to her mantra, the wellness guru  found a reason  to pursue  her passion for fashion, with a new purpose. In collaboration with 

Reztyle  and VIRRCO, Carmie’s first batch of Angels in wearable arts pulled it off in a recently concluded  Perlas ng Silangan Art Exhibit held at SM Centerpoint. 

Carmie showcased her angel collection – eco bags and clothes using old textiles from hotels that’s supposed to be burned.  The gorgeous Aspire models were like walking  masterpieces on the red carpet, communicating the message of CARE for the community and Mother Earth. 

Divinely  orchestrated 

Everything seems to be in sync. From the VIRRCO art exhibit to generate funds for the  Duyan Foundation, spearhead by advocate Rommel Rico of VIRRCO, a NY- based artist, to Carmie’s wearable arts designed for ReStyle. 

The fashion show  was co- crafted  in less than a month, and covered internationally. This was made possible with the love and support of VIRRCO team, JCI Caloocan- Bantayog,  Global Women of Change, Experience Travel Magazine, Aspire Magazine Global, Project Red Ribbon,  SM Centerpoint and the whole community of ReStyle. 

“There’s really healing  from caring and sharing of talents” 

 As the  new face of Reztyle, I  embrace social and environmental wellness together with my equally concerned friends.  I intend  to  extend my wellness  advocacy by promoting  circular economy to corporations, where I’m more active. This will help build a stronger community and address the alarming  concern for global warming in a fun and creative way” says Carmie. 

Carmie  is compelled  to do this in more   creative and fun ways with as many partners, as she continue to pull people closer to health and wellness.

“Fashion is my passion. I wear clothes with styles and stories, to make me feel good and confident about what I’m supposed  to achieve. But times have changed. I’m more into giving out and  lifting up. 

As I get deeper to knowing God, as I mature and meet more wonderful people, I’m compelled to do more angel dresses and bags that remind us that we are all angels and we are here to bless and encourage one another” so now it’s all about passion and loving where I am and what I do.” Carmie added. 

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