“Let’s sing Merry Christmas” as IKEA Pasay City kicks off Holiday campaign with Jose Mari Chan

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THERE can never be any doubt that once this multi-awarded singer’s face and memes are plastered all over social media, everyone can feel that Christmas is just around the corner.

The now iconic peek-a-boo Christmas greeting from Jose Mari Chan

And he’s back with a vengeance after two years of community lockdowns due to the pandemic.

IKEA Pasay City, the world’s largest IKEA store, kicks off its Holiday campaign featuring arguably one of the most familiar faces of Christmas in the Philippines and dubbed as the “King of Filipino Christmas Carols.”

Jose Mari Chan singing his most popular Yuletide ditties to the delight of the IKEA crowd

Jose Mari Chan recently surprised IKEA customers with a Christmas carol or two and that act alone elicited cheers and giggles from the crowd, who listened to the now-77-year-old crooner, who was in his elements with his true jolly self, giving an early Christmas feel to the delight of IKEA shoppers.

Jose Mari Chan spotted shopping at IKEA

Chan ushered in the Christmas shopping frenzy as he was spotted shopping for safe, simple, and sustainable home furnishings at IKEA Pasay City.

Probably not singing “Let’s Sing Merry Christmas,” though.

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