Illegal gambling dens, fairs in Antipolo City to be dismantled

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COMBINED personnel from the Office of Public Safety and Security and the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office of Antipolo City, Rizal dismantled the illegal fairs and gambling dens that mushroomed along Marcos Highway.

According to Antipolo Mayor Andeng Ynares, aside from having no permit in the building of these fairs and gambling dens along the highway, their structures are almost reaching the power lines.

Aside from this, rides like the ferris wheel failed to meet safety standards, which may become the cause of accidents.

The Antipolo local government unit explained that the streets in the city along Marcos Highway were widened to provide convenience to motorists and to ease traffic.

The city government insisted that there is a right place and right process in the building of fairs and rides.

Also, operators of illegal fairs should already start dismantling the structures on their own and not wait for the local government to do it for them.

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