Filipino priests from Borongan chosen as papal chaplains

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THREE Filipino priests from the Diocese of Borongan, Eastern Samar, were appointed by His Holiness Pope Francis as “Chaplains to His Holiness.”

The appointment comes with the title “Monsignor.”

The three Filipino priests appointed by the Holy Father were Rev. Msgr. Lope Robredillo, the incumbent Vicar-General; Rev. Msgr. Eutiquio “Euly” Belizar, head of the diocese’s Commission on Doctrine of the Faith; and Rev. Msgr. Romeo Solidon, who served at the Cathedral Parish of the Nativity of Our Lady.

Bearing the title papal chaplain means the three priests are now considered part of the papal household.

In a post by the Diocese of Borongan, it said the title “Monsignor” is an “honorific form of address granted by the Pope, upon recommendation by his Bishop, to a diocesan priest who has rendered valuable service to the local church or who has provided a specific and specialized function in church governance.”

Because the title of monsignor historically designated a priest who served in the papal curia, all nominated Monsignors are officially considered part of the papal household, whether they serve in the Vatican or elsewhere,” the post added.

Among all the honorific positions, Pope Francis abolished all the other classes but retained the “Chaplain to His Holiness” position back in 2014.

Based on the reforms introduced by the pope, the position “Chaplain to His Holiness” is only conferred to a diocesan priest who is over 65 years old.

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