The Unveilings of January

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FROM a bird’s eye view, the major thing the pandemic brought about is a new era of new thinking. Despite the quarantines and community lockdowns we experienced the past two years, people all over the world and here in the Philippines were given the chance to pause and reflect. They were able to rethink a modish way to sustain the new lifestyle and ways of doing things, even recognizing what’s old and taking a conscious shift to what is new.

The unveilings of January talks about moving away from the things that we have gotten used to, those that did not help us at all in any way. It is a time for a change or transition. It is also a time for aligning into the person you want to be. Humanity is moving towards a different frequency and whether we like it or not – we will choose to move toward it. It is the best time to ask – is this career still serving me in good stead? Is it filling up what my soul wants? Is this relationship still working? Am I happy? What will make me happy?


The veil has been lifted. What are you seeing beyond it?



January 2022 is a very good month for you. Choose to do things that you used to love. Do not be afraid of adventures (depending on the IATF guidelines). Your financial situation as well as your business is very steady and going very well. Choosing to do what makes your heart sing and palpitate at the same time can have its rewards. Shifting towards the goal of making sure you play once in a while can give you a different perspective. Create more of the things that give you peace and fill it with love. Your January is for that.


Good news comes your way this January. However, the consequence is that this might open some wounds that you left buried for a long time. Share it. Ask for help. Look within and assess why you are still feeling some regrets or even pain. Your feelings are valid. It is time for you to have a fresh perspective on the old things. Aren’t you tired of feeling that way? You are not a victim and if you choose to – you do not have to any more.


This is not the time to work alone. Yes, you might be the kind that thrives on working alone, learning alone and creating alone but January is about leaving what is not working and what might work is to try and navigate working with more people for you to validate your decisions and the path. January is for you to renew your faith in people, your passion and your purpose. It invites new energies for your growth.

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