Filipino awarded with highest US Peace Corps award

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A FILIPINO working for the US Peace Corps Philippines was recently awarded by the US Peace Corps for his dedication and untiring service to the Philippines’ most vulnerable youth.

The John F. Kennedy Service Award, named after former US President and US Peace Corps founder John F. Kennedy, was given to US Peace Corps Philippines Youth Program Manager Roberto “Ambet” Yangco in awarding ceremonies held at the US Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C.

Yangco is the very first Filipino to receive such a prestigious award, which is only given every five years to two exceptional US Peace Corps staff and two American volunteers across more than 60 countries.

The JFK Service Award, given to those who demonstrate leadership and commitment to service and for advocating friendship and peace, was given to Yangco for dedicating a huge part of his life for the at-risk Filipino youth.

He also served as an inspiration to the youth he served for the past 22 years, those who were victims of   human trafficking, illegal drugs, violence, and the homeless taken in by orphanages and youth shelters in the country.

(PHOTO CREDIT: US Embassy in Manila)

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