Pope Francis pushes for an end to widespread arms sale after latest mass shooting in the US

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THE tragedy of the latest mass shooting in Robb Elementary School in Texas, USA that resulted in the deaths of 19 children, including two of their teachers, truly broke the heart of Pope Francis.

In his weekly public appearance in Rome, he offered his prayers for those who perished in the bloody incident and also for their bereaved and grieving families.

The pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church also strongly condemned the continued arms trafficking or sale of firearms that is why he urged that it be put to an end.

Pope Francis believes that the same tragedy will not be repeated if smuggling of firearms is finally stopped.

I am praying for the children and adults who were killed, and for their families. It is time to say enough to the indiscriminate trafficking of arms. Let us all commit ourselves so that such tragedies can never happen again,” the pontiff stated.

Aside from the children and their teachers, the suspect, Salvador Ramos, who just turned 18, was killed by responding policemen.

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