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POLICE personnel were warned against engaging in any form of partisan politics amid the ongoing filing of Certificate of Candidacy (COC) across the country.

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Police General Guillermo Eleazar issued the warning, as he noted that the first two days of the filing of COCs nationwide was generally peaceful and orderly.

The filing of the Certificate of Candidacy remains peaceful and orderly across the country but we are not lowering our guard on the possibility of any eventuality especially during the last day of the filing,” said PGen Eleazar.

The PNP is continuously focused in securing this first part of the electoral process, and while I am chief of the PNP, I will do everything in my power to make sure that the organization will be shielded from partisan politics,” he added.

His statement on the PNP’s apolitical stand was meant to discourage any PNP personnel from explicitly throwing support to any candidate, both local and national.

He explained that this has been the stand of the PNP as a professional organization.

Therefore, I am warning all our personnel not to meddle into political activities or do things that can be misconstrued as expression of support to any candidate. Anyone in our ranks who will get involved in politics will answer directly to me,” PGen Eleazar said.

The loyalty of the more than 222,000-strong PNP is to the Constitution and to the Filipino people and not to any political candidate,” he added.

The Chief PNP has earlier ordered an aggressive campaign against loose firearms and private armed groups as part of the early election security preparations to ensure the peaceful, honest and orderly conduct of the national and local elections next year.

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