Ziktalk Speeds Fast More than 300,000 Users

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Just over a month after being launched last February 6th, blockchain-based social networking platform Ziktalk has reached more than 300,000 total sign-ups as of March 25th.

The new player in the social networking space connects users from all around the globe, making the platform a place to meet new people, share pieces of their daily lives, and learn new languages and skills.

Ziktalk’s mobile app acquired 200,000 users 40 days into its service relaunch and 300,000 users after 45 days. The company reported an average of 20,000 new sign-ups per day in the past 5 days and is expecting to reach 1,000,000 users by the end of June 2021.

Based on their analysis, the MZ Generation (Millennials and Gen Z) are accustomed to using social platforms and are more open to the idea of connecting with users globally. Most Ziktalk users fall under the age group of 10-29 years old, with 58% of all users are in their 10s, 19% are in their 20s, 6% are in their 30s, and 2% are in their 40s.

One unique feature of the Ziktalk app is when a user signs up, the person can select a language they want to learn. English and Korean are two of the highly sought-after languages, primarily due to popularity, having a wide user base, and the K-Culture boom.

Recently, Ziktalk started its social mining program where users can earn ZIK tokens by staying active on the app. Ziktalk’s social mining has played an important role in the rapid rise in user count. Anyone who uses the app can participate in social mining. When a user receives a like or follow and answers a video or voice call, they are rewarded with ZIK, which are digital tokens on the blockchain. Furthermore, every user that signs up receives free ZIK tokens and can earn more by referring their friends.

Due to the surge in sign-ups across multiple countries, Ziktalk has recorded over 4,000,000 transactions and 200,000 token holders since the app update.

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