Vaccination simulation held in Mandaluyong City

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Getting ready for the mass vaccination was what the Mandaluyong City government had in mind when it held a simulation of its own vaccination process recently.

The simulation activity, led by Mandaluyong City Mayor Menchie Abalos herself and other city officials, was held at the Pedro P. Cruz Elementary School in Barangay Barangka Drive that served as a vaccination center. The objective was to benchmark the local government’s own COVID-19 vaccination drive. The six-step process also serves as a guide to health workers in administering the vaccines to city residents.

The local government’s vaccination process is estimated to run for about 12 minutes. However, an observation time of at least 30 minutes is required for each vaccinated individual before he/she is allowed to go home.

Those who pre-registered for vaccination must go to the vaccination center on the schedule given to them. Each site will have a waiting area for the scheduled recipients before proceeding to the registration area where they will show their ID and QR Code and will be issued a vaccination card along with a consent form to be signed by the recipient of the vaccine. Then, they will undergo a five-minute briefing about the vaccine and its effects at the counselling area. A vaccination staff is also available to entertain any questions about the vaccine and the vaccination process.

Registration area

A medical staff at the screening area will then conduct a physical checkup on the vaccine recipient to ensure that he/she is in good shape. The vaccination card will be marked “Approved” by the attending physician and only then the person will be administered with the vaccine at the vaccination area.

Briefing for those who will undergo vaccination

All vaccinated individuals will have to stay in an observation area to be monitored by medical personnel for 30 minutes to an hour. This stage of the vaccination process, as mandated by the Department of Health, ensures that the vaccinated person will get immediate medical attention should any unusual reaction manifests.

Simulation of vaccination

The city government will also provide an ambulance on stand-by at all the vaccination centers to transport to the hospital any person who will have adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Ambulance personnel will be on standby for any individual who will have adverse reactions after vaccination

All vaccination centers will have a public information desk, first aid station, storage and supply area, and food station.

Mayor Menchie Abalos said that the City Health Office will make sure that  health workers who will be assigned in all vaccination centers it will put up in the future are free from COVID-19 by subjecting them to regular RT-PCR tests before they face residents.

Mandaluyong City Mayor Menchie Abalos (center)

Mayor Abalos also reminded everyone that the COVID-19 vaccination is free and voluntary to any Mandaluyong resident.

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