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TAYTAY, Rizal – The local government of Taytay is seeking the help of the national government to allocate more COVID-19 vaccines in localities where there is social acceptability.

Taytay Mayor Joric Gacula said the local government is hoping that more vaccines would arrive soon as it has yet to reach its target of vaccinating more than half of the town’s 400,000 residents.

As of June 23, Wednesday, the municipal government has administered around 10,000 shots of COVID-19 vaccines in a variation of brands — Sinovac, AstraZeneca or Pfizer.

According to Mayor Gacula, mass vaccination program in their locality has been relentless – unless they run out of supplies.

He noted that more residents are now eager to be vaccinated based on the number of people who showed up in the vaccination sites located in five villages in the town and at SM City Taytay in the past few days.

In fact, we have a system in place which makes local vaccination among residents not as tedious as many thought it is. We have six vaccination centers where individuals belonging to the A1 to A3 categories could go,” Gacula said.

Of the six vaccination sites, five are in government facilities and one at the SM City Taytay.

The local government seemed to have too many vaccination centers as compared to the ratio of available COVID-19 doses.  

While the local government unit may have prepared well for the vaccine roll out, Gacula lamented instances when they have to momentarily stop, which explains the call of Mayor Gacula for more COVID-19 vaccines allotted for Taytay.

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