Solon pushes for nationwide curfew for individuals aged 18 years old and below

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BAGONG Henerasyon Partylist Rep. Bernadette Herrera is reviving the proposed nationwide curfew for individuals aged 18 years old and below through a proposed legislation.

For this 19th Congress, Herrera filed House Bill 1016 or the National Curfew Act wherein curfew hours of 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. will be set for minors.

This means individuals not yet of legal age will not be allowed to loiter or stand by in public places during curfew hours, whether alone or with a group.

However, there will be some exemptions, such as if they are with their parents or guardian, with a valid reason or in an emergency situation, and others.

Once enacted into law, the parents or guardians will be the ones who will face the penalty, such as community service of not less than 48 hours, or a fine of P2,000 for the first offense.

For the second offense, the parents together with the minor, will undergo regular counselling session with the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children.

And for the third offense, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) shall step in through counselling or whatever can be determined as “proper disposition.” The parents or guardians will also pay a fine of P5,000 or six months imprisonment.

Herrera explained that the goal of the proposed measure is to maintain public order and safety and prevent crime. But aside from this, the solons pointed out that the bill aims to protect the youth against any threats to their lives.

She gave as an example the alarming rise in the number of cases of abduction, abuse by syndicates, and there are also reports of minors being involved in criminal cases such as kidnapping, rape, robbery, murder, and others.

Herrera also pointed out that the juvenile curfew is stated under the 1987 Constitution, wherein it is stated that the state should defend the constitutional rights of the youth, including “special protection” from all forms of neglect, abuse, cruelty and other damaging acts to them.

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