Safer Spaces at Toyota La Union with nanoeTM X technology of Panasonic

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The threat of the coronavirus remains even if the restrictions and protocols have eased up around the country. Other viruses have also been surfacing and raising legitimate concerns worldwide.

That’s why ensuring safety against COVID-19 and other highly resistant viruses is a top priority for everyone, including different business owners.

Consequently, commercial institutions like Toyota La Union (TLU) looked for ways how to address this issue.

Spearheading this mission of providing safer spaces for all its customers, TLU chose Panasonic Air Conditioners with nanoeTM X to help purify and inhibit different pollutants present in the air and surfaces.

“Customer safety is of utmost importance for Toyota La Union. True to our culture as Filipinos, we try our best to treat all our customers with Filipino hospitality. That is why we always strive to look for ways to improve not just our service but also our facility in order to give the best possible convenience we can offer to our customers. So when my friend shared with me the nanoe X technology of Panasonic, we did not hesitate to study the technology and try to incorporate it in our dealership”, said Mr. Richmond Glenn So, General Manager of Toyota La Union Dealership.

nanoeTM X is Panasonic’s patented air purification technology that neutralizes harmful air pollutants like viruses, allergens, bacteria, and molds, giving you clean air all around. More recently, nanoeTM X has also been proven to inhibit four types of novel coronavirus variants – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta in a 45-liter test space (with the size of 350mm×350mm×400mm), in as fast as 2 hours over 99.7%. *1

This breakthrough in health and wellness plays a big role in the new normal. As the pandemic has gradually transformed how we think about our economies and policies, customer safety is valued with great importance.

Mr. So further adds, “By far, the nanoeTM X technology of Panasonic far exceeds what the other brands have to offer. And as far as I know, Panasonic is the leading brand when it comes to innovating in the space of inhibiting viruses and bacteria. Also, it is noteworthy to mention that Toyota, as a brand that prioritizes quality and safety, also uses the nanoeTM technology of Panasonic in some of the vehicles in our line-up in the Philippines.”

Eight units of the Panasonic NX Series Ceiling Exposed Air Conditioners were installed inside Toyota La Union. The units were strategically placed to cover all possible spaces for the different customers. Even employees themselves lauded the move.

“I feel safer now knowing that my workplace is protected from COVID-19 and other viruses”, said Mhariczel Trinidad, Customer Relations Officer of Toyota La Union.

Now, anyone can visit Toyota La Union without having to worry about the transmission of bacteria and viruses. You are assured of a safe and protected car-buying experience every time!

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