Personal Collection commits to transforming lives through direct selling

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For almost two decades, the success of Personal Collection being hailed as the leading direct selling company in the Philippines capitalize on the inspiring stories of its members. The company has always been committed to transforming lives while providing a range of quality and affordable products.

In the Filipino culture, mothers have always been known to put the interest of their families above everything else. They go to great lengths to make sure their loved ones are taken care of and well provided for.

This same mindset is very evident in the inspiring way Virginia Farulan and Jonilin Ravelo made ends meet to give their families the life they deserve. Both, being dealers of Personal Collection, persevered through life’s challenges in order to fulfill their big dreams. 

For a decade now, Virginia would wake up at 4:00 AM to sell food from the market. No matter how difficult it was and how meager her earnings were, she had to keep on working as a vendor so she could send her kids to school.

“Pangarap ko po talaga na maiahon ang pamilya ko. Sobrang hirap, pero nagtiyaga at nagsumikap po ako para maka-aral ang mga anak ko,” says Virginia.

(My dream is to raise my family. It was very difficult, but I persevered and worked hard so that my children could study.)

She took the chance of signing up as a Personal Collection dealer with the dream of a better life for her family in mind. As a new dealer, she started out by selling only a few essential products and found it surprisingly easy to accomplish.

Virginia persevered in making progress with her sales while recruiting others. Slowly yet surely, she rose through the ranks and was promoted to Great Life Manager. Eventually, she attained the highest title of Great Life Executive. But her biggest achievement by far is having her children graduate from college.

Today, she and her family experience all the good things that weren’t within their reach before, like dining out at restaurants and buying more than one pair of new shoes, thanks to Virginia’s hard work as a Personal Collection dealer.

The same is true for Jonilin Ravelo. Before joining Personal Collection, she would go out to sell different kinds of street food. Jonilin shares that even with the salary of her husband, a carpenter, they still did not have enough to buy diapers for their baby and food for the family for a week.

Like Virginia, Jonilin wanted a better way to earn a living. In 2011, she started as a Great Life Builder, the first level in being a Personal Collection dealer. With her skills in selling, Jonilin advanced as a dealer and earned recognition for being Top in Sales and Recruitment. She also holds the highest title in the network, Great Life Executive.

Along with her achievements within the Personal Collection network, Jonilin considers the way she was able to improve her family’s life as the most meaningful reward she has ever earned. With a never-give-up attitude, she has managed to turn her dreams into reality. Her husband also left his job as a carpenter, and now supports her business and accompanies her while selling Personal Collection products.

No doubt, Jonilin, and her family are reaping the rewards of hard work and perseverance. They now have a better life and enjoy simple luxuries.

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