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Rice is life, especially if one is talking to an Asian, and even more with a Filipino, and more importantly this writer.

Rice is common for many Pinoys, either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Who would forget the Tapsilog or Tosilog and other “silog” iterations that are breakfast staples in every Filipino home? They are even institutionalized for the consumption of Filipinos practically anywhere.

There are even snacks that are created with rice in it, whether sweet or salty, sticky, with color or plain, with chocolate or with garlic and spring onions and what have you, with chicken or any form of meat (even dried fish) as toppings or protein component.

Perhaps, the most popular rice meal for Pinoys is the ubiquitous “lugaw” (rice porridge), a comfort food for many, especially me, and good during cold weather or when sick because the doctor said stick first to a soft diet.

So there’s no doubt that rice is part of the lives of many Filipinos. But as they say, any good thing taken too much can be dangerous, sometimes lethal. As many know now, eating too much rice more than three times a day may run the risk of having diabetes and other diseases, and can contribute to those “love handles” on your sides.

Luckily for Filipinos, there’s a low-carbohydrates and gluten alternative called “Adlai.” It is considered a super food with its anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, and anti-allergic effects. It’s also fiber rich for better digestion that could help aid in weight loss.

Really, a low-carb and gluten rice? Yes, there is one in the Philippines where we can find quality Adlai rice, a powerhouse grain indigenous to the country, best sourced from farmers in Bukidnon and Cotabato.

One such brand of Adlai rice is “Oh Crop,” and its flexibility is comparable to ordinary rice, where anyone can create a variety of rice-based dishes like Kimchi Rice, Seafood Paella, Sushi Bake, desserts like Sticky Mango Rice, or even the kid-and-adult-favorite, the chocolatey Champorado!

The best part of it all is you can eat Oh Crop Adlai Rice without the guilt of too much carbs and gluten entering the body but still tastes the wonderful flavor of food.

Oh Crop’s Adlai Rice is available at P399 for a 1-kg pack that’s good for about 20 cups of rice, or P1,899 for a 5-kg pack.

You may find Oh Crop Adlai rice in Shopee, Lazada, and BeautyMNL. To know more about the Oh Crop brand, visit https://www.instagram.com/ohcrop.ph or https://facebook.com/ohcrop.ph.

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