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JUST like any institution or establishment, small and medium businesses (SMEs) are equally exposed to the possibility of threats including malware, all forms of phishing attacks and viruses.

However, the sad part is that many SMEs are quite slow in the use and adoption of security solutions.

Most of the time, SMEs are unaware that they are already under attack. And when they do discover the breach, they do not know how to recover from it. This setup is common in small operations where end-point protections are not given importance. And we cannot blame the business owners for maintaining a lean team wherein IT support is typically outsourced or there is none at all,” explains Radius Telecoms, Inc. (Radius) President and Chief Executive Officer, Quiel Delgado, to

Radius, through its Ignite brand, is bringing Fortinet, a leading name in cybersecurity and firewall solutions, to provide assistance to the SME segment.

With the easy-to-own FortiGate FG-40F security hardware, our SME customers now have a credible posture to fend off known viruses and malware. Its general firewall protection can support up to fifty users at any given time. The plug-and-play hardware is preconfigured, so it can be easily deployed and conveniently connects to their Ignite fiber internet service,” Delgado added.

At Fortinet, it said they aim to ensure that all of their solutions are always accessible and available for organizations of all sizes according to Fortinet Philippine Country Manager Louie Castaneda. “We are happy that Radius is making our security solutions available to SMEs as they deserve equal attention when it comes to cybersecurity.”

SME customers can get the FortiGate FG-40F bundle on their Ignite Fiber Internet subscription for as low as P2,999 per month with a 24-month contract term. Package includes the unified threat management and FortiCare warranty subscription.

Visit the radius website at for more information.

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