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DESPITE pandemic-driven disruptions and challenges, businesses and organizations across different industries continue to devise new ways to ensure seamless and safe operational continuity.

Being in the insurance business, FPG Insurance quickly addressed market and customer needs and requirements, and exhibited company resiliency and adaptability to further solidify its position as one of the most outstanding insurance companies in Asia.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed as FPG Insurance carried the torch for the Philippine insurance industry as it bagged the Insurtech Initiative of the Year award at the 2021 Insurance Asia Awards for its organic and in-house Software-Defined Wide-Area Network or SD-WAN. 

By utilizing SD-WAN, FPG Insurance receives faster service and improved data center management across its branches nationwide.

The prestigious event, organized by Insurance Asia and the Charlton Media Group, recognizes the most outstanding insurance companies all over the region. The Insurance Asia Awards has since awarded over 130 companies from 24 countries from its foundation in 2016 and has received the most number of nominations this year since its inception.

As an IT architecture, SD-WAN provides enhanced connectivity, higher bandwidth capacity, centralized network management, and better security and encryption. It also allows businesses and organizations to utilize more affordable connection types other than the traditional Multiprotocol Label Switching or MPLS.

“Implementing SD-WAN was a challenge but we were able to do so in a span of five months which greatly helped prepare our operations for the global business interruptions in 2020. The company would have only been able to send off 20% of its staff to work remotely owing it to retail licensing limitations. Currently, the capability of the company can enable close to 100% of the workforce to a work-from-home arrangement if needed,” said Gabriel Mohan, FPG Insurance Chief Information Officer and Head of IT.

FPG Insurance President and CEO Gigi Pio de Roda told that it has been a very challenging time not only for the Philippines but for every industry globally.

“Implementing SD-WAN proved to be a very reliable undertaking. This reinforces our stronger commitment to our customers and business partners as we look for new ways to upgrade the way we deliver our products and services, de Roda explained.

FPG Insurance’s SD-WAN was implemented in-house, which now serves as the backbone for the company’s ongoing digital transformation initiatives.

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