Ombudsman finds support from Roque

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Ombudsman Samuel Martires, who receive mixed reactions with his pronouncement to stop the lifestyle checks on government officials, has found an ally from Presidential spokesman Harry Roque.

During an interview with CNN Philippines, Roque express his support to the Ombudsman saying that lifestyle checks on government officials is ineffective against because he himself has questions and doubts about the said provisions in the anti-graft and corrupt practices law.

Roque affirmed, “As a lawyer, mukhang tama po si Ombudsman kasi napakadali pong magtago ng ill-gotten wealth. Ngayon they could live modest lives, they could use dummies for their bank deposits and can pretend to have modest lives even if they have trillions and billions of ill-gotten wealth.

He also emphasized that Malacañang respects the decision of the Ombudsman.

“He is (the head of) a constitutional body and I think what he considers as more important is the enforcement of the anti-money laundering law because that’s really the best way to determine if one’s income as a government employee can justify his assets,” Roque added.

It can be remembered Martires said recently that that the Ombudsman cannot meddle in the lives of government officials if they have the ability to manage their finances well or even shield their wealth accumulation from the public.

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