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IT seems the ruling party is keen on wooing the presidential daughter’s presidential aspirations regardless whether she joins the party or not.

In fact, the PDP-Laban may actually support the young Duterte’s bid in next year’s polls, according to Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles in a live-stream interview.

I”It’s not unusual for parties to support somebody from a different party. If ‘yan ang magiging decision ng partido to support Mayor Inday Sara kahit ‘di naman siya member ng PDP-Laban basta ‘yung partido can adopt her or support her,” Nograles was quoted as saying during the interview.

You don’t have to be a member for the PDP-Laban to support you. She’s not required to join the party.”

What matters most is the recommendation coming from President Rodrigo Duterte who has earlier been given by the ruling party a freehand to decide on who should become PDP-Laban’s standard bearer.

According to Nograles, there were two resolutions that were adopted by the party – one, strongly urging the President to run for Vice President and two, giving him the blanket authority to pick on whom he deems best to become his successor.

To simplify everything, the resolution is that the President – it is for him to decide. We’re giving him the discretion kung sino ang palagay niya for president. Whatever decision it is, it will pass through the party process,” he said.

Dadaan sa partido ‘yan kaya importante na mag-attend ang party members and not refuse to attend and say bawal ang ginagawa.”

The PDP-Laban is set to hold a two-day general assembly in mid-July. However, Sen. Manny Pacquiao, the party’s acting president, has already said that he’s not taking part in it, just like he did when Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi  called for an executive council meeting last May 31.

Nograles, however, would neither confirm nor deny the alleged ouster plot on Pacquiao — “I don’t know about being voted out. Technically speaking, if you go by party rules, if we need to ratify officials who are in an acting position, it has to pass through the body. If it’s not ratified, somebody has to get elected.”

Pacquiao has been vocal about his plans to run for president next year.

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