Mozilla Launches Firefox Daylight for Android

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Mozilla, the global non-profit organization behind the open-source web browser Firefox, has just released a revamped version of its product for Android.

Marking new beginnings for their Android web browser, the product is now called Firefox Daylight, following the naming trend they used during the launch of Firefox Quantum for the desktop in 2017.

The latest iteration of their mobile web browser sports an entirely redesigned interface and a fast, secured application that was overhauled up to its core. Firefox Daylight now offers Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP), previously available only on their desktop browser. ETP keeps your browsing experience away from numerous ad trackers by clearing your cookies and site data every twenty-four (24) hours without needing to change a setting or preference.

Mozilla did a very good job of redesigning the Firefox for Android’s user interface, making it appear cleaner and easier to handle. The URL bar (awesome bar as it is called) can now be set at the bottom or top of the screen by the user. Another Firefox for the desktop feature that was ported to Firefox Daylight is the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature. Using the PIP feature, you now have the option to continue watching a video while surfing through other websites.

Initially launched in Europe and North America last August, Firefox Daylight reached the Philippine shores via the Android Play Store this month.

Mozilla Shelves Firefox Send and Firefox Notes

Earlier this month, the non-profit organization announced the end of life for Firefox Send and Firefox Notes. The decision for Mozilla to discontinue the two services as part of its strategy to tighten and refine its product focus in 2020. Both services are being decommissioned and will no longer be a part of its product family.

Firefox Send is a tool used to send encrypted file sharing service, while Firefox Notes grew out of an experiment on new methods of encrypted data synching.

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