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Boy travels 85 miles by foot just to be with his girlfriend he has not seen in 7 years. Sounds like a typical love story perfect for a Valentine’s day movie night, right?

Well, if you like to spend a dinner date at home watching a hideous giant toad, slimy worms, and a cockroach as big as a house slaughtering and digesting humans, go ahead.

Love and Monsters will remind you of Zombieland less the walking corpse but rather colonies of insects that mutated into collosal pests.

I did not see any edge-of-your-seat scenes but there were moments that you’ll find yourself cheering for the protagonist and other adorable characters.

There is a good chance that a sequel will be made due to its appeal to viewers of all ages and some questions left unanswered. However, this will not happen anytime soon.

PS: Jessica Henwick is so pretty. 

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