LPG refillers warn of shortage of LPG tank supply

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A GROUP of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) refillers warned of a shortage of supply of LPG tanks in the country in the wake of the passing of Republic Act 11592 or the LPG Industry Regulation Act.

According to Engineer Bernardo Bolisay, President of the LPG Refillers Association of the Philippines, Inc., that from the 12 million LPG tanks circulating in homes, about six million are faulty and very old.

However, Bolisay pointed out that at present, there are only two LPG cylinder manufacturers in the country that can make 100,000 tanks per month.

He added that majority of LPG tank owners belong to poor families and cannot afford to buy a new cylinder and will be forced to shell out P1,500 for a new LPG tank.

Bolisay clarified, however, that they are not against replacing old LPG tanks. He hopes that the government can help provide funding for the new law so that it can help poor families buy a more affordable LPG tank.

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