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THE Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Thursday said that human rights violations under the Duterte administration are the highest.

Past administrations have also recorded human-rights violations, but the figures under Duterte’s presidency are “incomparable,” according to CHR spokesperson Jacqueline de Guia in a TV interview.

First, no particular administration has been spared from human-rights violations. Every administration committed its fair share of human-rights violations. But currently the rate and the scale is incomparable, it’s higher than other administrations,” De Guia said.

The CHR spokesperson also claimed that they are in fact still investigating 3,295 cases of alleged extrajudicial killing, death of the members of the media, lawyers and activists. Likewise part of the probe is the death of thousands belonging to the vulnerable sectors.

Never has there been a time that we have been so overwhelmed with the number of cases we are handling right now,” she said.

Asked on whether Duterte himself has played a role in these human-rights violations, De Guia cited the President’s wide influence among Filipinos especially to government officials.

Words matter. We have repeatedly said that he is very influential to his constituents and even the government officials under him and therefore, we would want the highest ranking official to be very circumspect with his language to encourage accountability,” she quipped.

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