Higher crop production pushed by agri research firm

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TALAVERA, NUEVA ECIJAAgriculture research firm SeedWorks Philippines fully supports the national government’s long-term goal of making the Philippines a self-supporting and self-sustaining food producer.

This is why SeedWorks continues to develop hybrid plant varieties and advanced crop science technology to meet that goal.

And despite the pandemic, SeedWorks also provided support to the Department of Agriculture (DA) initiative called “Plant, Plant, Plant” program, where vegetable seedlings were distributed to households nationwide so they can cultivate crops for their consumption throughout this crisis. 

Just recently, the company mounted an event called “Go Gulay Field Day,” a three-day showcase held January 20-22 in Seedworks’ Experimental Station in this town, where it highlighted most of its hybrid vegetable seed varieties.

“SeedWorks showcased and demonstrated the best characteristics of our hybrid vegetable seeds through the Go Gulay Field Day amid the new normal,” said SeedWorks Philippines North Luzon Area Sales Manager Simeon Bautista.

“We have been consistently highlighting the advantages of hybrid crops that are high-yielding, highly tolerant to plant diseases, and resilient to adverse weather conditions with fruits that are of highest quality for the discerning consumers. We agree with the industry sentiment that sustainability is most crucial these times. ”

The Go Gulay Field Day kicked off through an insightful opening program on Day 1 with representatives from the Department of Agriculture (DA) Region III, the DA Provincial Office (Nueva Ecija), and key selected distributors. The Municipal Agriculture Officer and the Provincial High Value Crop Coordinator took their turn on Day 2, while the company’s partner-traders, financiers, and distributors gathered on Day 3. 

SeedWorks’ three-day Go Gulay Field Day put the spotlight on these 11 high-yielding hybrid vegetable varieties: 

  • Prolifica/ Eggplant (talong) – A high-yielding variety that produces reddish-purple eggplant with higher shelf life and tolerance to wilt diseases.
  • Exotica XL/ Long Green Hot Chili Pepper – A variety with extra-long and glossy light-green fruit (best for sinigang). The plant is tolerant to wilt and plant viruses.
  • Exotica Erect 6/ Upright Red Hot Chili Pepper (labuyo) – Erect-type pepper with deep-red and high-pungency produce. The plant variety has high tolerance to viruses and leaf spot diseases. 
  • Banahaw Green/ String Bean (sitaw) – This variety yields dark-green string bean with a purple tip. It has a long shelf life and is tolerant to rust and bean mosaic viruses. 
  • Winner/ Bitter Gourd (ampalaya) – The bitter gourd variety produces long and green fruit with excellent shelf life and tolerance to mosaic viruses and Fusarium Wilt.
  • Viagrow/ Ridge Gourd (patola) – The high-yielding variety produces long and dark-green ridge gourd with firm flesh. The plant is tolerant to downy mildew and viruses.
  • Black Mamba/ Watermelon Dark Green – The hybrid watermelon variety is high-yielding and produces dark green and less seedy fruit with sweet, deep red, and firm flesh. The fruit has tolerance to downy mildew.
  • Panay Sweetheart/ Watermelon Stripe – Sweet, striped watermelon with a firm and pinkish flesh comes with a long shelf life and can endure long-distance shipping. 
  • Ultima/ Big Squash – The high-yielding pumpkin variety produces big squash with excellent quality and high tolerance to viruses and diseases. 
  • Sakto/ Butternut Squash – This butternut-type squash has excellent fruit quality and high tolerance to mosaic viruses and downy mildew.
  • Sweet Ninja/ Sweet Corn – The plant produces corn that matures earlier with sweet, yellow kernels and good tip filling. This sweet corn variety is ideal for dry season cultivation. 

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