Experience Joy of Making Profits in Your Own Kitchen

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The effect of the health pandemic is still being felt by many until today. A lot of people has yet to adjust in their daily activities and still have issues in their financial security. As Filipinos, we are known for our resiliency and said to have in our DNA to always find ways to rise above the challenge. After losing job opportunities or source of living , some of us found other ways to earn money, one of which is having a home-based business. 

Small and medium-sized businesses have risen lately, most of which are based online and are even managed by first-time entrepreneurs. Of these, one of the most popular— is in the food industry, particularly the baking niche.  

“Baking is a really promising home business at the moment. It is a relaxing hobby because you can make something with your own hands which you can enjoy afterward. The entrepreneurial part is really just a good plus factor since everyone is into ordering treats nowadays from local small businesses,” Maria Minna Vistan, Senior Marketing of Flour Division of Agri Pacific Corporation, shares.  

Agri Pacific Corporation is among those who are actively helping small entrepreneurs find other ways to earn in the current climate. The corporation, which is under the Rebisco Group of Companies, handles the Joy of Baking brand which has been offering innovative flour products in the market since 2015. Joy of Baking uses advanced Swiss and German milling technology to manufacture all their baking products.  

The brand has focused on intensifying its efforts to reach out to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs by opening their doors for reselling through the JOB resellers program. The community is designed to create a sincere, credible, and secure gateway that can serve as a starting point for those who want to try opening their own baking business.  

“We think it’s very important to bring our products closer to the communities we want to help,” Vistan says. “We also made sure to make the process of ordering easy for everyone to solve the challenges of having limited movement at present. We already have a community of resellers in major cities like Quezon City and Makati City and provinces like Cavite.” 

The brand is also the perfect starting point for first-time food entrepreneurs because of its high-quality yet wallet-friendly products. Joy of Baking offers everything a starting home baker might need, like its Complete Breadmix which is perfect for making quick and easy treats like spanish bread, ensaymada, and pandesal because of its all-in-one formula and free pack of yeast. Other products of the brand include the Joy of Baking All-Purpose Flour which is ideal for yummy treats like chocolate chips and banana bread; the Joy of Baking Cake Flour which can make some of the moistest and yummy batter-type cakes; and the Joy of Baking Bread Flour for loaves, buns, and other bread-type products. 

“A lot of people are scared to open a business but it’s actually easy as long as you have an earnest interest in what you want to sell. The first thing everyone needs to do is to find a good and accessible supplier for their ingredients to support continuity. Those are two of the most important things that we decided to focus on when we opened our JOB Resellers Program,” Vista shares.  

“Creativity is also at the heart of it. Baking is very therapeutic because we can express ourselves with it—which is something that we all need right now. The lucrative profits that you can get from it are just the cherries on top of the cupcake,” closes Vistan.  

Those who want to apply as a community reseller simply need to reach out to the Joy of Baking’s customer representatives who will provide an online application form and a list of designated dealers closest to the applicant. Afterward, the customer can then reach out to the merchant through text or Viber, pay for their order, and request for delivery or pickup of their products. 

Ready to start your own business? Visit and message the Joy of Baking Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/JoyofBakingPH  for more information about the Resellers Program. Interested applicants can also contact 0926-132-3414 and fill out this form https://cutt.ly/FfpbPin to send their application.  

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