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The city’s top executive made it clear: the sale of COVID-19 vaccines for profit or gain is absolutely banned in the nation’s capital.

This was the declaration of Manila City Mayor Francisco Domagoso, who signed on Monday, May 24, Ordinance No. 8740 to protect the general public from organizations, institutions or individuals attempting to profit from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bawal magbenta ng bakuna. Bawal kumita sa bakuna whether organization, institution, tao or korporasyon. Bawal. Bawal rin ikaltas ng sweldo ng tao iyong bakunang pwedeng ibigay ng private sector in Manila,” the mayor said in a press briefing.

We really wanted to protect the people lalo na yung mga mahihirap at yung empleyado. Those working in the City of Manila will be protected; those living in the City of Manila will be protected,” he added.

Domagoso said any sale, distribution or administration for profit and for gain is not allowed while the country is still in a state of public health emergency.

The mayor also stressed that COVID-19 vaccines should also not be sold without full market authority issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Under the ordinance, a penalty of P5,000 and imprisonment not exceeding six months shall be imposed on violators.

For corporations and other entities, Domagoso said they may face revocation of business license and a ban from doing business in Manila.

Maiiwasan natin yung maiwan yung mga mahihirap kasi walang pera yung mahihirapan eh. Maiiwasan rin natin yung hoarding kasi baka may pagkakitaan at magkaroon sila ng access sa vaccines, i take-advantage naman ito ng mga may pera, dapat ang bakuna ay free and accessible,” Domagoso stressed.

Hindi pwedeng i-pwersa, salary deduction, ibenta o baka palusutan tayo o yung tinatawag na adminsitrative cause ang bakuna sa Maynila. Ang tawag diyan pagsasamantala sa kahinaan ng tao, hindi natin ia-allow yan,” he added.

The ordinance was enacted by the City Council on Monday and shall take effect immediately.

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