Cloud4C is helping enterprises in the PH get battle ready for the future

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(Photo shows (L-R) Debdeep Sengupta, Cloud4C Global President & Chief Revenue Officer; JC Principe, CIO, Unistar Credit & Finance Corporation; Deanno Basas, President ATRAM Trust Corporation; and Edler Panlilio, Cloud4C Philippines President during Cloud4C’s media briefing)

THE Philippines has been recognized as one of the key markets in the ASEAN region, following the result of an exponential growth in demand for Cloud services based on a study released by the IDC that states 60 percent of CIOs/CTOs want to use cross-cloud solutions.

Multi-cloud, application-focused, managed cloud services provider Cloud4C assumes total ownership of a company’s cloud experience by embracing native and hybrid, multi-cloud architecture on AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle Cloud, and more.

Cloud4C aims to assist enterprises in their modernization and digital transformation journey. Our innovations will enable organizations to focus on business operations and serve their customers while we manage the technical processes for them to achieve their goals,” according to Edler Panlilio, Cloud4C Philippines President and CEO.

He adds that the company will focus on leveraging global standards cloud-managed services across the country and will deploy mission-critical solutions.

Today, more enterprises now recognize that the cloud has opened doors to a more efficient business future built on hyper-agile performance and the uninterrupted resilience it can bring. Almost all of the biggest platforms that constitute the Web today run on the cloud making Virtual the new Enterprise Reality. According to a recent prediction by Gartner, more than 80 percent of the global data flow will be on the cloud by 2025.

As businesses all over the globe move toward economic reopening, the need for mission-critical innovation to ensure uninterrupted operations and functional efficiency has become necessary more than ever. Digitization across every industry has accelerated. Cloud adoption in the new normal is no longer bracketed as a technological forward move for progressive enterprises but has become an imperative business decision for all enterprises to survive while innovating to grow. The interest and focus of cloud adoption in enterprises have shifted towards mission-critical domains as the next logical step in their digital transformation journey.

But the adoption of the cloud in mission-critical domains is proven to be challenging due to the requirements and risks unique to some industries, coupled with the fact that a large majority of enterprises lack confidence that they have the right guiding principles and capabilities to overcome challenges to achieve the expected value outcome.

Cloud4C serves industry-specific needs with total ownership of deployment, empowering companies to focus on their cloud digital transformation. Across industries, Cloud4C’s technical experts partner with and offer companies greater choices to help drive this transformation.

Manila Water, one of the country’s major providers of water treatment, water distribution, sewerage, and sanitation services is an example of the country’s important digital transformation pioneers. Cloud4C has helped Manila Water protect itself against potential outages and performance lags from an expected rise in incoming traffic. The cloud services company proposed the assessment of the water concessionaire’s current IT infrastructure and IT security, before deploying a Geographical Disaster Recovery on Microsoft Azure (Singapore) for business-critical applications and data. This approach created a Cloud Disaster Recovery strategy for Manila Water with higher business resilience and a lower risk of data loss. This also paved a way for further and future digitalization of Manila Water’s entire IT infrastructure.

I think what has happened in the last two years has possibly accelerated and made us realize that we can live in this hybrid world — or what I call the two-speed world of the physical and the digital, and someday in the future for every organization and every individual, paths will merge,” said Debdeep Sengupta, Cloud4C Global President and Chief Revenue Officer.

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