Bill on “no contact apprehension policy” in the NCR, nationwide gets House nod

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A LOWER HOUSE committee already passed the substitute bill on the implementation of a “no contact apprehension policy” not just in Metro Manila but also nationwide.

The passage of the bill came after a series of hearings that sought the opinion of various groups in the transport sector and other stakeholders, including transport groups.

Once enacted into law, there will be a systematic and uniform policy for no contact apprehension in the Philippines.

Included in the bill is that traffic enforcers will no longer be given the authority to apprehend motorists because there will be no more “face-to-face” o close contact traffic-related apprehension.

Some of the most common complaints are abusive traffic enforcers and the usual issues such as “kotong” and corruption where motorists are commonly at a disadvantage.

The bill further proposes that motorists will no longer be able to elude responsibilities regarding their traffic violations because a CCTV camera system will be installed, which will monitor traffic violations on a 24/7 basis.

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