An affordable air fryer for millennials living independently

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IT is not surprising that more Filipino millennials are now keen on having their own homes. In fact, real-estate industry experts forecast that the industry will be driven by millennials for this year and in the coming years.

And for every newbie homeowner, furnishing every important part of the house is just as exciting as buying it.

This is the reason why EROC ensures that Filipino millennials have viable options for appliances that don’t drive up their moving costs further. And aside from pricing that’s not heavy on the pockets, using air fryers like EROC’s M1 comes with other benefits that are perfect for millennials who strive–and are now living–independently.

EROC Philippines is an e-commerce smart home appliance brand that brings a new and easy-on-the-budget must-have kitchen commodity to the local market – the EROC M1 Air Fryer. This new air fryer features One Spin smart temperature control and a pressurized cooking environment that makes cooking easier and more efficient.

One-Spin Air Fryer

For the fast-paced millennials trying to establish independent lives in the metro need kitchenware that can ease them into their new homes. This means they need smarter appliances that don’t come with hefty and complicated instruction manuals that are often difficult to digest.

Aesthetics-wise, the EROC M1 Air Fryer comes with an ergonomic design that makes control and navigation quick to understand. Its singular central knob can manage the M1’s smart temperature control. How simple is it to use? After one spin, users can simply leave the air fryer for it to do its work, while you work on other items on their checklist.

Smart Temperature Control

Most first-timers in the kitchen who want to learn the rudiments of cooking need not worry about over or undercooking with the EROC M1 Air Fryer. This smart kitchenware comes with a nifty function called smart temperature control which monitors temperature in real-time. Multiple temperature sensors are placed strategically inside the air fryer cavity. This enables the smart appliance to heat up faster with small temperature increments, hence cooking the food evenly at a quicker pace–and makes cooking an enjoyable experience.

What also sets the EROC M1 Air Fryer apart is its simulation of a pressurized cooking environment made possible by its well-sealed cavity. Once the user pushes the frying basket and closes the air fryer, its 1400W high heating power is optimized to concentrate on the food being cooked, frying it to perfection.

It is also a plus that the EROC M1 Air Fryer comes with recipes on its top cover thereby ridding the need to review cookbooks and tutorial videos prior to cooking. Very efficient, indeed.

Healthier option

The status and reputation of air fryers and its many other benefits catapulted them to the top of the preferred kitchen appliances by millennials and even Gen Zs. But what made air fryers popular among the younger generations is their main proposition – they use way less oil compared to traditional cookware yet are still able to seal in the flavor. For the health-conscious individuals who try to avoid the unwanted calories and significant fat intake, this is definitely a most welcome feature.

By cutting off unhealthy oils in their meals means better weight management, especially in a country where hypertension-related diseases continue to be among the top causes of mortality. Thus, avoiding deep-fried food is highly recommended.

Small yet very capable

Real-estate space in central business districts can be somewhat less so millennials buying new homes are in need of appliances that do not take up much space yet can still do the job. The EROC M1 Air Fryer is only one-fifth in size of a traditional wall oven. Its size also allows it to cook faster with no pre-heating needed, thus cushioning electrical usage. It also has a 5.5L capacity, which can accommodate food for a party for five to eight people.

Water-Based Paint Rinse and Clean

Everybody loves eating but almost nobody likes cleaning after – and that’s the gospel truth for a kitchen chore that many would abhor. So those living a fast-paced lifestyle, like millennial corporate gladiators, require appliances that are very easy to clean – and the EROC M1 Air Fryer is exactly this.

Thanks to its application of a patented “Water-Based Paint” on the frying basket and tray, the EROC M1 Air Fryer does not come with all the cleaning hassles and worries. The water-based paint prevents the oil and other ingredients from sticking to the contacting surface of the frying basket and tray – very easy to rinse and clean.

Sturdy enough for the years to come

Millennials are very conscious about their finances. They carefully select which items to invest in and which ones can benefit them most in the long run. This has challenged brands from the world over to come up with products that provide bang-for-the-buck value and longevity of usage.

The build of the entire EROC M1 Air Fryer, for instance, has been designed meticulously to stand the test of time. It has a matte-finish exterior that was molded from premium plastic and its power cord is thicker and longer compared to that of competitors’.

Lastly, the EROC M1 Air Fryer’s frying basket is made of heavy-duty steel. It has been tested by international standardization agencies, earning certificates from the European Union (EU) Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation; and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is where celebrations and special occasions start. To have a smart-functioning kitchen is heaven-sent for any newbie “chef” establishing a life of their own in their new home, hence efficient and affordable cooking buddies like the EROC M1 Air Fryer are an essential addition to the countertop.

But the best thing that the EROC M1 Air Fryer can offer to Filipinos in this brand-new year is that it will be available on the brand’s official flagship store on Lazada and Shopee starting January 19, with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of P3,999. But as part of the brand’s grand launch, it will be initially available for only P1,999 from January 19-21, 2022! Furthermore, EROC will be holding a weekly Facebook lucky draw on EROC Philippines starting January 17 where customers get the chance to win an EROC M1 Air Fryer absolutely free!

For more information on the EROC M1 Air Fryer, customers may visit EROC Philippines on Facebook.

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