Wonderfully wizardly worlds you can stay in with Airbnb

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ADMIT IT: at one time in your lives you all wished to receive an acceptance letter to attend the world’s most famous school of wizardry. Well, this isn’t an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, plus the fact that we can’t pass Platform 9 3/4 to board Hogwarts Express,

But rejoicing fans everywhere recently celebrated the magic of The Boy Who Lived, when the famous book and film series celebrated its twentieth anniversary. It was a life-changing moment when those who were witnesses to the life and adventures of the world-famous boy wizard were catapulted back in time with the celebration of the story’s 20th anniversary.

So while we can’t go secretly dashing into a hidden Platform 9 3/4 at London’s King Cross, here are some magical Airbnb stays from around the world that will transform your fantasies to life!

A Magical World of Wizards and Witches in Tagaytay, Philippines

Calling all Filipino fans, there’s no need to ride your broomstick miles away when this incredible apartment is located a stone’s throw away in Tagaytay! This 55-sqm property features a living room and two custom-made four-poster beds, made to look like the wizarding common room and dormitories. Explore the house and discover your very own magical steam locomotive and local village pub!

Wizard’s Hallow in North Carolina, United States

This treehouse located just outside of Asheville, North Carolina will teleport you straight into the wizarding world! From a sorting hat, an invisibility cloak, house flags and colours to other magical signposts and decorations, true fans will recognize every intricate detail in this house! This place is so popular among aspiring wizards, you’ll have to come up with an action plan to snag an overnight stay.

Harry Potter Fan Castle in Utah, United States

Huge families can enjoy this special ‘fan castle’ located in Taylorsville! Guests can book the entire home or a single bedroom – you’ll find each bedroom decorated in its own school house colours. Enjoy the cozy common room, movie theater and fully-functional kitchen, as well as your own private bath tub (no moaning ghost included!).

The Common Room in Canada

Fans heading to Victoria, British Columbia should definitely book themselves a couple of nights in The Common Room. Beautifully designed to pay tribute to the bravest house of all, this Airbnb stay comes furnished with a faux fireplace and melange of magical memorabilia from flying cars to giant chess sets and gleaming swords. You may even spot a popular house elf in the kitchen — make sure you drop him a sock or two!

Magic World in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Hosted by certified superfan and Superhost Larissa, this residential home is literally adorned with memorabilia – from bedrooms decorated with cutouts from the daily newspaper of the wizarding world, to a dining hall with banners of all four houses. Guests can also relive their favourite memories from the books or films, courtesy of Larissa’s personal collection that they can access during their stay.

The Wizard’s Cottage in Grand Est, France

Wannabe wizards visiting eastern France should make sure to drop by this beautiful space in Colmar town near the German border, with its cobblestone streets lined with half-timbered medieval and early Renaissance buildings. From four-poster beds to medieval lamps, magical wands and pumpkins, fans will have a great time exploring the house in between adventures in the Alsatian countryside.

Note: All Homes referenced are intended purely to inspire and illustrate. Airbnb does not recommend or endorse specific Home listings on the Airbnb platform.


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