Victoria Court shows you why staycations are king amidst rising gas prices

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The idea of going on out-of-town vacations or attending parties has become somewhat of a drag with the prices of gas and other commodities rising exorbitantly by the day.

Fortunately, Victoria Court, one of the leading high-class drive-in motel chains in the Philippines, offers the best and most affordable alternative to expensive vacations and parties: staycations.

Victoria Court offers staycation opportunities for guests wanting to take a break from their busy lives without having to break the bank or leave the city just to relax and have fun. This comes from the understanding that staycations primarily cost less and require less travel time—both of which are what Filipinos seek these days as the country deals with high gas prices, inflation, and slowed economic recovery.

In relation to cost savings, Victoria Court ensures that comfort is within its guests’ reach as the majority of its branches are located in Metro Manila, particularly in Quezon City, Malabon, Las Pinas, Pasig, and Manila. By traveling within the metro, guests no longer need to spend so much time planning a vacation in advance or packing heavily for a short stay. Victoria Court also has a branch in San Fernando, Pampanga for those who still want to travel out of town but wouldn’t want to stray too far from the metro.

Guests are also rest assured that they can enjoy a peaceful staycation as Victoria Court banks on its promise of privacy, which was strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since Victoria Court is a drive-in motel, guests can simply park their cars in the garage directly below their designated rooms and check in without going through reception since they can already do so online. All rooms come with an anteroom as well where staff members can simply leave food and other requested items, ensuring the privacy and security of guests during their stay.

For a safer experience, Victoria Court upholds the highest standards and implements stringent processes when sanitizing rooms for every stay. The motel staff uses medical-grade cleaning solutions and UV-C disinfection systems, as well as conducts black light spot quality inspection to ensure that they are able to clean every trace of dirt and bacteria.

Aside from staycations, Victoria Court offers party packages for couples and barkadas. Victoria Court provides Once in a Lifetime vouchers, which, when availed, allows guests to host 24-hour parties at special rates. More than just being a venue for parties, Victoria Court also provides drinks and food through its in-house catering service, Victoria Bites. Some of its party rooms such as the Moulin Rouge room and Ever After room have fun amenities perfect for parties such as videoke machines.  There are also rooms with billiard and foosball tables, and even jacuzzi pools big enough for 10 people.

“We understand that Filipinos are itching to go on a relaxing vacation or have fun with their friends and loved ones as an escape from their busy lives. But with gas prices rising every day, we know that the best way our guests can still get their R&R while saving costs is by opening our motels for staycations and parties,” said Victoria Court owner Atticus King.

“At Victoria Court, we’re more than equipped to cater to the needs of our guests. With us, they can finally get the vacation that they deserve with our state-of-the-art themed suites and enjoy time away from their problems with our customized staycation and party packages,” he added.

About Victoria Court

Victoria Court is one of the leading high-class motel chains in the Philippines. Established in the 1980s by Archie King, the motel offers classy and luxurious themed rooms in 10 properties scattered around Metro Manila and Pampanga. Victoria Court maintains its promise of providing privacy, courtesy, prompt service, world-class facilities, and state-of-the-art housekeeping to Filipinos looking for five-star treatment without paying exorbitant prices.

Victoria Court is certified under ISO 9002 and 9001:2008 standards, ensuring guests that they are staying at a safe, clean, and trusted establishment.

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