Unique and sweet Valentine’s gifts for everyone

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Celebrating the most romantic day doesn’t always have to be expensive because it’s the thought that counts. What matters most is remembering and celebrating the occasion with the people you care about the most.

So why not try pastillas as a unique gift this Valentine’s Day?

A milk-based confectionery, pastillas is made unique by making it into a rose-like form that can be that perfect gift in the Day of Hearts.

And SweetBlooms Rose Candy Pastillas is just that. With the right amount of thoughtfulness and sweetness. SweetBlooms Rose Candy Pastillas can bring out that perfect smile to your loved one and make him or her feel appreciated and special, even amid the pandemic.

SweetBlooms Rose Candy Pastillas is that perfect gift for many good reasons, made with quality and fresh ingredients, an affordable, presentable yummy treat that’s blooming with candy pastillas.

Lovely to look at, the rose candy pastillas come in different flower sizes that are edible and with a reasonable price range. SweetBlooms deliver flowers nationwide.

It is available in small rose candy pastillas (Php25.00), medium rose candy pastillas (Php35.00), Rosebloom candy pastillas (Php55.00), Gerbera candy pastillas (Php60.00), bouquet (Php350.00), Saver Bouquet (Php395.00), Long Stem Bouquet (Php100.00), Full of Love Bouquet (from Php595.00 – 945.00), Full of Charm Bouquet (from Php685.00 -1,620.00), Enchanted Full of Charm Bouquet (from Php835.00 – 1,880.00), Beary Full of Charm Bouquet (from Php1,075 – 2,270.00), and Bouquet (from Php95.00 – 295.00).

SweetBlooms has also appointed an Ambassador for February, the charming young lady singer-songwriter/influencer Moira Lacambra, to create more awareness of the brand, and encourage new customers.

A sweet venture

SweetBlooms was borne out by the owner’s love for Filipino delicacies, her fondness for flowers, and childhood dreams of having her own thriving food business. The confectionery shop has been around for more than a decade now.

May Tiburcio De Vera, the hardworking owner of SweetBlooms first discovered her passion for making pastillas through the support of her mom Remy, a restaurateur and a native of Isabela province. Knowing her genuine love for the craft it wasn’t difficult to pursue her passion.

Through the years, SweetBlooms has evolved from a pastillas kiosk into a candy flower shop, a cake shop, a café located in Marikina City. It inspires people on diligence and hard work that led the brand to where it is now.

The entrepreneur-pastry chef takes pride in how far she has come and continues to have faith in how far she can go. Success is sweet and sweeter when you have worked hard for it.

The way to a man’s heart

Food as they say is the way to a man’s heart, and thus, this was how the owner’s love story came about.

May and her husband Macoy have created a strong bond through the rose pastillas. During the earlier stage in their relationship, May didn’t like giving her boyfriend an ordinary present.

Instead, she made edible rose pastillas. Her boyfriend was overwhelmed by her efforts, and this endeared her more to him.

So, whether you’re looking to rekindle a flame, continue to enjoy that wedded bliss, or keep the fire burning bright in your relationship or family life, say it with #SweetBlooms on the most romantic day of the year. Share the bloom for all seasons!

To order, contact: 09175073997, 09175139300, (02) 83520051, (02) 75020497. Sweetblooms Marikina is located at 267 J. P. Rizal St., Barangay San Roque, Marikina City.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/sweetblooms/photos. Choose from an array of product choices you can find in the brand FB page link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity-Sweetblooms&set=a.5149750408376144.

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