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MORE than 2.7 million vaccines arrived over the weekend, which brings the country’s total vaccine inventory to 77,410,640 doses as of Sunday.

According to National Task Force Against COVID 19 (NTF) chief implementer and vaccine czar Secretary Carlito Galvez, Jr., this is another milestone for the country’s vaccination drive.

“With the over 77-million vaccine doses we have received since February, we are moving closer to vaccinating half of our eligible population. This will be another major milestone in our vaccine rollout,” Galvez said.

And by the end of October, we project that the country would have received a total of 100 million vaccine doses (since February), which could fully inoculate about 50 million Filipinos. This brings us closer to our goal of achieving herd immunity or population protection for us to safely exit from this pandemic as soon as possible,” he added.

On Saturday, the US government through the COVAX facility has delivered 889,200 shots of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. At early dawn on Sunday, another 1,813,500 doses of Pfizer have also arrived.

Galvez thanked the World Health Organization (WHO), the COVAX facility, the US government, and UNICEF for helping to build the Philippines’ vaccine supply.

Galvez bared that the country is expected to receive millions of procured vaccines this October, which include Pfizer, Moderna, and Sinovac.

We are so happy na mukhang tuluy-tuloy na ang 100 million [doses] by the end of October. We will be receiving more from Pfizer and Moderna,” he said.

For COVAX, the international initiative had committed to deliver more than 10 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines to the Philippines starting the third quarter of this year.

The bulk of these supplies were donated by the United States through the US-COVAX sharing agreement.

Over the course of the next couple of days, we will see 5.5 million more doses arrive in the Philippines, both here in Manila but also down in Cebu and Davao,” US Embassy Chargé d’affaires Heather Variava said.

The succeeding deliveries of vaccines will be directly deployed to Regions VII and XI.

Galvez said that the latest shipment of Pfizer vaccines will be deployed outside the National Capital Region (NCR) such as Regions IV-A and III.

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