SSS visits establishments in Pasig City, reminds them on paying contributions

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THE SOCIAL Security System (SSS) today conducted what it calls “Run After Contribution Evaders” or RACE activity in various establishments in Pasig City.

The activity was done to remind employers who are not paying their contribution for their employees

The SSS issued show cause orders against companies whom it calls as contribution evaders.

A total of 13 establishments with two large accounts in the city were among those targeted by the SSS in its operations today.

According to SSS Executive Vice President Voltaire Agas, the employees will be severely affected if their employers fail to remit their SSS contributions on time.

He said that it is the employers’ contributions that the SSS use as basis for its computation of employees’ benefits such as pension, maternity benefits, loan, among others.

Agas explained that among the many reasons establishments give for non-remittance of their contributions was that they forgot about it, or have difficulty paying for their contributions because of the pandemic.

Companies who were given show-cause orders are given 15 days to settle their obligations. Failure to do so means appropriate charges will be filed against them in the Prosecutor’s Office.

Overall, a total of 73 RACE operations were conducted by the SSS nationwide.

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